Morgan Evans – Motorcross Lombard Suzuki Race Team

The British Motocross Team – Lombard Express Suzuki UK will be competing in the Maxxis British Championship, Michelin MX Nationals, AMCA, Schoolboy plus some selected GPS. The Team Manager is former British Champion Neil Prince.

Morgan Evans Motor Cross Rider

Morgan Evans will be competing in Schoolboy and AMCA events across the Uk aboard his RM85 small wheel. Morgan has competed at the highest level previously represented Great Britain in the Youth Motocross Championships along with a long list of results while riding in the BYN series and the BSMA Bridgestone championship.







Mechanic: Tim Loveday 


D.O.B: 01/10/2004


Weight: 5st 3lbs


Height:  4ft 7″


Favourite Drink: Chocolate Recovery Mountain Fuel 


Favourite Food: cheese and potatoe pie


Favourite Track: pattingham 


Personal Sponsors: Bridgestone,  Tim Loveday, suzuki, wildmoor grabaway, moto Mark


Hobbies: football, table tennis, mountain biking, xbox, youtube, basketball