Paul Nelson wins Runderdome with epic mileage

Congratulations to @paulnelson3727 who won the Runderdome, a homage to Mad Max Thunderdome. It was a knock out ultra challenge where you were pitted against a fellow runner to get through to the next round.
Round 1, continuous mileage over 12 hrs: 72.36 miles
Round 2, continuous mileage over 15 hrs: 90.53 miles
Round 3 Quarter Finals, continuous mileage over 24 hours but not running more than .5 miles from your starting point: 125.64 miles
Round 4 Semi Final, as much elevation in a continuous 24 hrs: 30,440ft in 86.84 miles
The Final, as much mileage in a continuous 40 hrs: 183.6 miles
Paul said, “I think I need a restock of Raw Energy Fuel and Morning Fuel! I went through a fair bit. When I needed a quick turn around and needed substance quickly. Morning Fuel never let me down.”

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