Trial Pack with 750ml Sports Bottle & Shaker


Due to a temporary stock shortage of Tropical Mountain Fuel you will receive an extra Night Fuel and Morning Fuel sachet instead of the Tropical energy fuel.

The great value Trial Pack with Bottle and Shaker contains the complete Mountain Fuel four-product system, with extra sachets of Xtreme Energy and Recovery for those longer days. Used in conjunction with each other this is the perfect opportunity to try the full system together, however you can use any of the products individually depending on your exercise regime, intensity and duration.

10 sachets: 2 x Night Fuel (35g), 2 x Morning Fuel (50g), 2 x Xtreme Tropical Energy (50g each), 2 x Xtreme Blackcurrant (50g each), 2 x Chocolate Ultimate Recovery (50g each) and 2 x Strawberry Ultimate Recovery (50g each) and a 500ml Shaker plus a FREE 750ml Mountain Fuel Sports Bottle.

*We are aware of a print error on the ingredients list on our Gluten Free Morning Fuel – the ingredients sat Oat Powder (Gluten),  this is a typo, it should say Gluten Free.

Suitable for vegetarians and used by type 1 diabetics.

Our Trail Pack (with Shaker) provides a saving of Β£3.98 (if all items purchased separately).

Thought about buying in bulk with more great value savings? Have a look at our Value Bulk Pouches (30 servings) with savings of Β£12.50.


Mountain Fuel Trial Pack

Mountain Fuel can be used as a Sports Nutrition system for any type of physical activity and can if needed fuel you for 24 hour+ events or simply taken individually to suite your energy or recovery needs. Follow this link for Fuelling for Endurance.

Typically in preparation of an event if you wanted to utilise the whole system you would;

1. Mix up a Night Fuel the night before your event with hot milk or water, drinking/sipping (in plenty of time before bed and last loo stop as we would also suggest, as you should have been throughout the last few weeks getting into the habit of sipping water throughout the day / early evening to ensure you are always fully hydrated. Just because you’re asleep does not mean you can’t prepare for your next training session or event, Night Fuel helps you get up raring to go, feeding your body at it’s optimum time of recovery.

2. Morning Fuel  (also available in Gluten Free, add a note when ordering if this is your preference) is mixed into a porridge type consistency  or a shake and can be utilised as a pre-event meal as it is light on the stomach and quickly absorbed, it doesn’t have to be just for breakfast πŸ™‚ you can add seeds, fresh/dried fruit etc and even a small handful of oats if that takes your fancy. However bear in mind you want to start your event primed and ready to go and not with your stomach still working overtime breaking down your big breakfast / meal.

*We are aware of a print error on the ingredients list on our Gluten Free Morning Fuel – the ingredients sat Oat Powder (Gluten),  this is a typo, it should say Gluten Free.

Morning Fuel is extremely versatile and can be used to create fantastic snacks and pre-activity meals. Have a look at our Morning Fuel Power Pancakes which are perfect for getting you going and also while β€˜on the go’ along with our home made version of a gel – and our Morning Fuel Banana Flapjacks

3. If possible start sipping, swilling and swallowing your *Xtreme Energy Fuel anything up to four hours before your activity / event. Essentially the slower you drip your fuel into your system the more time the body has to absorb it and maximise performance. Some of our users, if they have had a hard week or are particularly keen on really pushing themselves will also sip, swill and swallow an Xtreme Energy the day before an event too, ensuring their system is alert, primed and ready. Xtreme Energy Fuel gives you a sustained energy release, is easy on the stomach, tastes great and is ideal for hard and fast anaerobic, cardio workouts or equally endurance events. You put the effort in and we’ll power you along.

4. Prepare your Ultimate Recovery Fuel and put it in a cool bag if you are using fresh milk as ideally you want to start sipping it within 20 minutes of finishing your event. However DO NOT drink it too quickly, however nice it may taste as it is the same principle as the Energy drink slowly in the system and the body will have more time to absorb it. Ultimate Recovery Fuel is a drink you want to exercise for! It tastes phenomenal and does what it says, there is no better Recovery product on the market.

*An Xtreme Energy Fuel  can fuel you for a marathon where you take 3 to 4 hours, however we would say you get maximum benefit for up to 1 to 1 1/2 hours depending on intensity so any time after this we would suggest either carrying extra or having access to points on your activity.

“Many thanks, as always, to Mountain Fuel for ‘running with me’ yesterday on the London Marathon. I fuelled up with the Morning Fuel at breakfast and then had a Blackcurrant Energy fuel just before the start. It genuinely helps. This year I managed to get these old bones around in 4.27, 14 minutes faster than last year.” Ed Parker, CEO and founder of Walking With The Wounded

“Years of competitive cycling had put me off energy drinks which made me feel sick and I’d started relying on gels but this occasionally caused stomach cramps which isn’t what you want before you get to the finish… The overall nutrition strategy had worked really well with no cramp and no stomach problems whatsoever. The Mountain Fuel was fantastic and the fact I could still drink it after 12hrs shows how easy it is to use.” Andrew Slattery, Ultra distance fell runner

β€œI just kept going and going, leaving everyone behind as the ride went on.  It was like a Duracell advert!” Ian Turnbull, cyclist.

“Tastes great, easy on my stomach and keeps me going on my fell runs and long bike rides where usually I’d be getting hungry and feeling I need more energy. They’ve also helped me to get PB’s in my last two Tri’s πŸ™‚ “ Jonny Hume, tri and duathlete.

“This is the first recovery product I’ve tried that not only tastes amazing but actually works whatever intensity of activity I have done. No more sore legs the next day which is important as when I’m not training I’m on call as a fireman so need to be ready for action!” Paul Maxwell, Fell runner and Triathlete.

Please allow up to 4 working days (Excluding weekends) for your order. However depending on the time of day your order is made you will often receive it within 3 working days.

All the ingredients in Mountain Fuel are ‘food’ based and do not feature on the WADA list of banned substances. This product, batches 5356, 5065, 6004, 5355, have been tested by LGC for a wide range of substances banned by WADA. LGC is a World Class sports doping control and research laboratory, with more than 50 years of leadership in drug surveillance in sport.

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