Xtreme Energy Fuel Raw (10 to 15 serving pouch)


10 to 15 servings depending on dilution ( 500g) – SAVE £2.50

Raw Energy Fuel has a light refreshing taste and is easy on the stomach. With no added flavouring or colouring you can enjoy a clean lightly flavoured drink that is perfect for all your training and racing but especially longer activities and those warmer days.

“It’s such a light taste, immense!!!” Rob Sinclair, Highland Fling Record Holder, Salomon Running & GB Long Distance Mountain Runner

“Love the new Raw Energy, really look forward to every mouthful. Very clean and refreshing taste, like lightly flavoured water.” Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn Lakeland 50 record holder, Team GB & Salomon

“Tastes almost of nothing but is not bland or dull… Just a right amount of refreshing. Never tired of the taste after 30 hours of racing over 102 miles and 33,530 ft of ascent” Marcis Gubats 1st Place UTS 100 Snowdonia 2018 2nd place in Lakeland 100 2017

“Raw is a great product, it’s super clean and no after taste.” Chris Stirling Winner of CanadaMan and CeltMan extreme triathlons 2017

Xtreme Energy Fuel is not just your everyday sports drink as we ensure that we include all the ingredients required to deliver a sustained energy release throughout your event/activity.

It is easy on the stomach, providing the perfect balance of carbohydrate, protein, electrolytes and vitamins that enable you to delay the onset of fatigue. It will also fully hydrate the body and help reduce cramps.

Mix 1/2 to 1 scoop (provided) with 500 – 750ml of water and use before and during your event/activity and during training. Xtreme Energy Fuel will fuel you for 1 to 2 hours depending on intensity.

Suitable for vegetarians, coeliacs and used by type 1 diabetics.

Xtreme Energy Fuel is also available to order in a combination with the full Mountain Fuel System (in either our Taster or Trail packs) or in Tropical flavour.

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Mountain Fuel Raw EnergyRefuels – Revives – Re-boots: 10 to 15 servings ( 500g)  – SAVE £2.50

Raw Energy Fuel has a light refreshing taste and is easy on the stomach. This is the perfect fuel for your warmer days and or longer activities.

Designed to  rapidly energise your body delivering a sustained energy release, whatever the intensity of exercise. This balanced combination of ingredients helps to spare glycogen and reduce muscle damage, making it more than just an energy drink.

We want to feel good during and after exercise and to do this we must feed our muscles as a whole, not just with carbohydrates or electrolytes alone; with this in mind we also includes vitamins, amino acids and creatine in our drinks; this is the combination of components your muscles require to function efficiently so why not give them want they need?

This excellent drink can be enjoyed hot or cold, so whether you are racing in the heat, or competing in the cold, this drink will get you to where you need to be.

Xtreme Energy Fuel contains all the essential Electrolytes for Optimum Bio-Functions. This means you stay alert and keep concentration levels high and avoid the fatigue.

“The most important part of my preparation for this race (Ultra Tour of Mont Blanc) was getting my head around the fact that I could get most of my race energy from the Xtreme Energy Fuel. Prior to this, I felt that I needed to throw in gels to get me round my ultra races. I had a particularly bad experience earlier in the year and can trace the problems back to too much gel use. This time I was confident in my nutrition and happy that the Mountain Fuel products would get me round in good shape.”  Dave Troman, Ultra Runner reflecting on his 2014 UTMB (Ultra Tour of Mont Blanc – 166 km +9,600 m of ascent).

Unsure of how you can use Mountain Fuel in our next endurance race? Click “Fuelling for an endurance race” to get some ideas of how you can use Mountain Fuel.

This drink is not a stimulant, but a balanced nutritional support to get you through the day.

Once opened, it is recommended that it is kept in a sealed, airtight container.

Have a look at our Morning Fuel Power Pancakes which are perfect for getting you going and also while ‘on the go’ along with our home made version of a gel – and our Morning Fuel Banana Flapjacks

Please allow up to 4 working days (excluding weekends) for your order. However depending on the time of day your order is made you will often receive it within 3 working days.

All the ingredients in Mountain Fuel are ‘food’ based and do not feature on the WADA list of banned substances. However we do not batch test our bulk pouches, if you require batch tested products please enquire as these can be supplied through our individual serving sachets.

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