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Xtreme Energy Fuel is not just your everyday sports drink as we ensure that we include all the ingredients required to deliver a sustained energy release throughout your event/activity.

It is easy on the stomach, providing the perfect balance of carbohydrate, protein, electrolytes and vitamins that enable you to delay the onset of fatigue. It will also fully hydrate the body and help reduce cramps.

Mix with 500 – 750ml of water and use before and during your event/activity and during training. Xtreme Energy Fuel will fuel you for 1 to 2 hours depending on intensity and is also available in Blackcurrant flavour.

These are sold as single servings (50g sachets) but are also available to order in packs of 20 (+ 1 FREE sachet), Value Bulk Pouches (1.5kg – 30 servings with a saving of £12.50) and in a combination with the full Mountain Fuel System (in either our Taster or Trail packs).

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Refuels – Revives – Re-boots

Tropical Xtreme Energy Fuel is easy on the stomach, tastes great and rapidly energises your body delivering a sustained energy release, whatever the intensity of exercise. This balanced combination of ingredients helps to spare glycogen and reduce muscle damage, making it more than just an energy drink.

We want to feel good during and after exercise and to do this we must feed our muscles as a whole, not just with carbohydrates or electrolytes alone; with this in mind we also includes vitamins, amino acids and creatine in our drinks; this is the combination of components your muscles require to function efficiently so why not give them want they need?

“I just kept going and going, leaving everyone behind as the ride went on.  It was like a Duracell advert!” Ian Turnbull, cyclist and triathlete.

This excellent drink can be enjoyed hot or cold, so whether you are racing in the heat, or competing in the cold, this drink will get you to where you need to be.

“Tastes great, easy on my stomach and keeps me going on my fell runs and long bike rides where usually I’d be getting hungry and feeling I need more energy. They’ve also helped me to get PB’s in my last two Tri’s :) Jonny Hume, tri and duathlete.

Xtreme Energy Fuel contains all the essential Electrolytes for Optimum Bio-Functions. This means you stay alert and keep concentration levels high and avoid the fatigue.

“The most important part of my preparation for this race (Ultra Tour of Mont Blanc) was getting my head around the fact that I could get most of my race energy from the Xtreme Energy Fuel. Prior to this, I felt that I needed to throw in gels to get me round my ultra races. I had a particularly bad experience earlier in the year and can trace the problems back to too much gel use. This time I was confident in my nutrition and happy that the Mountain Fuel products would get me round in good shape.”  Dave Troman, Ultra Runner reflecting on his 2014 UTMB (Ultra Tour of Mont Blanc – 166 km +9,600 m of ascent).

This drink is not a stimulant, but a balanced nutritional support to get you through the day.

Have a look at our Morning Fuel Power Pancakes which are perfect for getting you going and also while ‘on the go’ along with our home made version of a gel – and our Morning Fuel Banana Flapjacks.

Choice of FREE Mountain Fuel Buff or extra sachet of Xtreme Energy Fuel – please ensure that you state your preference in the notes when ordering (order must consist of 20 sachets or more).

Please allow up to 4 working days (excluding weekends) for your order. However depending on the time of day your order is made you will often receive it within 3 working days.

All the ingredients in Mountain Fuel are ‘food’ based and do not feature on the WADA list of banned substances. This product, batch no 5356, has been tested by LGC for a wide range of substances banned by WADA. LGC is a World Class sports doping control and research laboratory, with more than 50 years of leadership in drug surveillance in sport.

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10 reviews for Xtreme Energy Fuel Tropical

  1. bradburnp@googlemail.com
    5 out of 5

    Phil Bradburn - UntrainingUltrarunnerA friend gave me a sachet of tropical flavour extreme energy to try. It was delicious - I tried it on a 13 mile training run on the south downs.

    Mountain Fuel was lovely based on this run - which is a great start!! i tried was completely different. It's not often I drink all of my 2 x 500ml bottles during a training run - I did this time though. I always struggle to drink enough, especially during 100 mile races because I lose the appetite for liquids and also food at times.

    I am definitely going to stock up for training and for my canalslam races in 2018. First up 145 miles along the Grand Union Canal in may !! Thanks guys.

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  2. hazel@uklandestates.co.uk
    5 out of 5

    ConvertedI just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how impressed I have been with Mountain Fuel.
    I got a free sachet at the Hedgehope Winter Wipeout race this year and gave it a try for a long training run. It seemed to work ok and so I ordered more for longer runs.
    Since then it has been the basis for my fuelling on runs and it has worked a treat.

    Last Saturday I did the Hardmoors 55 and had about 500ml Mountain Fuel per 10 miles and a little bit of "real food"

    In contrast to other ultras I’ve done, I was still running in the final miles. I’d been really concerned about a long slow trudge in the dark to get finished but I actually still felt good.
    I also found the next day I didn’t have the “hit by a bus” feeling, although I was a bit stiff, and I must say I felt quite deprived of my usual post-race day of eating everything in sight as I just didn’t feel the need to .

    I’m a two-thirds-of-the-way-down-the-pack runner so this is obviously not a ringing endorsement from an elite athlete but I did want to let you know that I think your product has really made a difference.

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  3. paulnesbitto@yahoo.com
    5 out of 5

    Nice steady energy.Keeps me going all day in the hills. Great for ultras too as I just top up as the day goes on.

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  4. drewlilley@hotmail.co.uk
    5 out of 5

    Works for me.I've used MF extreme twice with very positive notable differences in my performance during the HM60 & Lyke Wake Races. Sipping it from start to finish along with water and Chia Charge bars. Not only that but i also felt it kept me more alert and less tired than in previous races without using MF extreme.
    Great product, works me and would highly recommend.

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  5. floralmite@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    Worked very well on long races and events - fan dance, tough guy, tabs, the suffering etc.
    I've struggled with gels and food on events lasting longer than 2hrs but found MF easy to take on board and digest with no stomach upsets.
    The tropical flavour isn't too sweet or overpowering either.

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  6. lee.lawrance9@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    Extreme energy fuel tropicalBefore mountain fuel i only used gels for energy during races but started using mountain fuel during training for the Lakeland 50 last summer. I really noticed a difference in energy levels which were far more consistent through out my runs. Digestion was also much kinder on my stomach no GI issues. Over the longer distances i noticed less fatigue to my muscles. Yes my legs still hurt after 50 miles in the mountains i'd expect them to but my calves were still firing well when in past events they hadn't. I put this in some way down to the formula in mountain fuel (salts, amino acids and creatine etc) so I'll definitely be using it again for ultra races as it really worked for me.

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  7. paul.748flyby@live.co.uk
    5 out of 5

    Goodbye crampFirst used Mountain Fuel ( tropical ) during the Millennium Way Ultra. No cramp, like I usually get, and really easy on the stomach. So easy in fact, that i used only Mountain Fuel for whole of the Canalathon 100. Now its my go to drink whenever i race. From 10k to ultras. It works for me. Try it.

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  8. gregorheron@hotmail.com
    4 out of 5

    Xtreme energy fuel tropicalStarted using Mountain Fuel in my long hill runs in preparation for UTMB 2016. Tastes great with no issues at all (in terms of the usual nausea). Seemed to provide a constant supply of energy too and helped my avoid using the dreaded gels in the race itself! Wish they had a few more flavours though for the really long runs!

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  9. 5 out of 5

    Started running on the trails a year ago. First half marathon on water and jelly babies was tough going. Started upping my distance and added mountain fuel tropical drinks into my longer training runs and races (20-30 milers) and have found that it has helped me keep going, reduced the amount of muscle cramp I get and has led to less of a post-run 'hangry' effect. Oh, and it tastes good too - have found that many isotonic/electrolyte drinks give me heartburn which I haven't found with this drink. Buy some!!

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  10. lewisranceoverton@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    sold to the dubious man.Always been dubious of these energy drinks, but dived in and took the risk. Used these during a competitive welsh 3000. What a difference, constant energy, throughout the day. Used one at the start of each leg. Great tasting to boot!!

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    • rupertbonington@gmail.com

      (verified owner)

      Simon please email usHi Simon

      Please email us on [email protected] so we can send you a winter training discount code :-)



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