Rachel Ball – Ultra Runner

I have always been pretty active all my life from school and was always involved in team sports and played hockey to quite a high level playing in high divisional teams for a club and representing Durham County for Hockey.  So I’ve always had a pretty high level of fitness which helped when I first started running.  Back in 2006 & 2007 I completed the Cancer Research “Race For Life 5k” and finished in a pretty high position but didn’t really do much training for it or in between the years.

Notable achievements

  • Ultimate Trails 55km (36m) July 2017 (6700ft, 7hrs 5 mins) – 4th female, 21st overall
  • Durham Coastal Half marathon June 2017 (1100ft, 1hr54 mins) – 5th female
  • Calderdale Way 28.5m ultra June 2017 (4900ft, 5hrs 48 minutes) – 6th female (lost & ran an extra 3 miles would have finished 4th female in around 5 hours)
  • Windermere marathon May 2017 (1500 ft , 3 hours 31 minutes )– 4th lady & 56th overall
  • London Marathon April 2017 – 3 hours 17 minutes 14 seconds (4 minute PB)
  • Trail des Hauts Forts Morzine 27km race August 2016 (6500ft ascent, 2200m altitude) – 4 hours 43 minutes ran after next to no training due to a 5 week hamstring injury
  • Gibside marathon – June 2016 (3500 ft, 4hours 8 minutes) – 2nd female
  • Dark Skies Kielder night marathon 26.5m March 2016 (2600ft, 3hours 58minutes) – 5th female/23rd overall
  • Heartbreaker trail marathon Feb 2016 (2300 ft, 3hours 37 minutes) 1st lady/35th overall
  • Hardmoors 10k Saltburn Feb 2016 – 1st lady/4th overall

Rail to Trail Marathon: Kent Jan 2016 (27m, 1500ft ascent, 4 hours 27 minutes) – 4th


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