Attention Marathon Runners!

Want To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Marathon?

We explain exactly how you can do it in our Road Marathon Nutrition Guide...

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In there you'll also find:

  • Why your race-day breakfast can slow you down, rather than speed you up...
  • A mile-by-mile breakdown of exactly when you should be fuelling and what you should be fuelling with...
  • The common misconception given out by 'old-school' runners about running marathons that can finish your race before half-way...
  • Why maximising carb intake can turn your marathon into a nightmare...

Plus lots more...

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Here's what other people have said about our Mountain Fuel Nutrition Guides:

"I thought it was really good. It really made me think and focus on what I’ve been doing previously in my training runs and also in races. So on my 18 mile run on Saturday I followed the guide and started fuelling from 20-30mins onwards and alternating gels and bars as suggested, and I felt really good. So thank you for having that guide available." Suzanne

"The guide is great. I’ve have a good read of it and digested as much as I could. I’ll defo be putting into it into practice over the coming months." - John

"It has some very useful tips and information that will hopefully assist me in my first upcoming marathon in July." 
- Shaun

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