Rob Sinclair – Ultra Mountain Runner

Rob Sinclair (1)- MF athleteAbout Me:

I have always been a keen sportsman filling my life with fitness since a young age. However, in 2014, I went for a few hilly runs on my local trail and had found my happy place! Since then I have been hooked, bounding about the hills and filling my free time with trail and mountainous trips.


Mountain Fuel Experience:

Its summer 2017 and I am really happy to have had the chance to join Rupert and Team Mountain Fuel. I have been using Ultimate Recovery Fuel and Morning Fuel throughout the season, with my personal favourite being ‘The Ultimate Race Day Shake’ recipe. I use recovery fuel after hard hilly repeats, long days in the hills and during later stages in long ultra’s when it can be difficult to take on solid food. My experience with fuelling is focus on solid foods, where mountain fuel pancakes and brownies have been great energy sources and are easily digestible.


What I’ve Learned:

Since I began running more seriously, I have learned too many things to mention! The main one’s that have stuck with me are ‘you get out what you put in’, be happy that you are able to run no matter what, and never stop exploring.


Why I Love Running:

Running for me is an adventure. I love a quality day out in the hills with some friends bagging munro’s and having a laugh. I love challenging myself and testing my capabilities. I’m out on the trails for a good time and always seeking the next challenge and experience.


My Favourite Achievements:

I honestly don’t have a favourite achievement! I get a massive buzz out of both training and racing. Since summer 2016 I have been focussing energies in the Ultra distance. I like to race lots as the hill and trail running scene up in North East of Scotland is strong, but have been more selective in 2017. Some high moments have been setting course records in the ultra scene in the Caterann55, Highland Fling53 and West Highland Way Race. The main thing for me is getting out and enjoying the trails and the longer I can do that the better!


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