FeelGoodBar & Sports Jelly Pack

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Save £1.70 –  The pack contains 1 x Date FeelGoodBar, 1 x Double Ginger FeelGoodBar, 1 x Turmeric & Orange FeelGoodBar, 1 x Orange Sports Jelly, 1 x Lemon & Lime Sports Jelly and 1 x Cola with caffeine Sports Jelly 1 x Natural Sport Jelly+ with caffeine, 1 x Natural Sport Jelly+

A tried and tested perfect combination to help power your next activity / adventure. These are what that elite racers actually buy to train and race with. No fancy claims, just proven results.

Game Changers, well that’s what our users say. Perfect for those looking for the most convenient and efficient way to fuel, delivering an easy on the stomach and powerful combination of food based gel and innovative hydrogel sports jelly.

Now also featuring the world’s best sports gel (well we think so and so do our world champion athletes) the new Natural Hydrogel Sport Jelly+ boasting 30g of multi-source and easily digestible carbohydrate, electrolytes and 50mg of natural caffeine.

Hydrogel Sports Jelly
– Fast acting sustained energy
– Multi source carbohydrate
– Refreshing (no need to wash down with water)
– Easy on the stomach
– Electrolytes
– Vegan
– Gluten Free
– Used by type 1 diabetics to control blood sugars during exercise
– Used by people who have IBD & IBS related issues

Until you’ve tried these energy packed flapjack bars you won’t appreciate how different and easy they are to eat over other bars. The coconut oil base enables the bars to literally crumble and melt in the mouth ensuring that they are easy to eat on the go.

– Easy to eat on the go
– Light and easy on the stomach
– Sustained Energy
– Aids Fat Metabolism
– Replenishes minerals (Electrolytes)
– Aids recovery and soft tissue repair
– Aids digestion
– Can help to reduce inflammation
– Gluten Free
– Vegan

Customer reviews from the world’s best: “Training haven’t been the only factor I improved this year but also the hydration and fueling during races and projects… I have been also trying different gels to until find the ones that gives me energy and not any stomach problem ( that is different for every person but I found @mountainfuel_uk  good for me ). A tip to be sure we leave no trace and we don’t need to use our hands to open the gel is to merge the gels with water into a soft flask home and just drink from it during our race or activity.” Kilian Jornet – World Champion Sky, Ultra and Trail Runner

But it’s not just the elites, one of our users encouraged some friends to try, “I’ve got them to try out the jellies in training. They were expecting a syrupy sickly mess, but the jellies are totally different and so were pleasantly surprised by how easy the jellies are on the tummy!” Tom Campbell

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To see a full range of our video reviews / overviews of the products and the system as a whole click here >>

In the heat the bars will become softer due to the natural oils melting and some of the oil will sit in the wrapper. This  doesn’t affect the bar, if anything the softer it is the better. Once cooled again the oils will be drawn back into the bar.

Orange & Turmeric
Ingredients: Golden Flax Seed (20%), Dark Brown Sugar, Gluten Free Oats (17%), Coconut Oil (14%), Grape Juice Concentrate, Buckwheat Flour (8%), Chicory Syrup, Ground Turmeric (1%), Rapeseed Oil, Pink Himalayan Salt (0.5%), Natural Orange Oil (0.5%). Allergens in bold. Nutrition per 80g:
Energy 1517KJ/360kcaL, Fat 20g of which saturates 12g, Carbohydrate 43g of which sugars 24g, Fibre 7g, Protein 6g, Salt 0.4g.

Ingredients: Golden Flax Seed (20%), Dark Brown Sugar, Coconut Oil (18%), Gluten Free Oats (17%), Grape Juice Concentrate, Buckwheat Flour (7%), Chicory Syrup, Ground Ginger (2%), Rapeseed Oil, Pink Himalayan Salt (0.5%), Natural Ginger Flavour (0.1%). Allergens in bold.

Nutrition per 80g:
Energy 1565KJ/373kcaL, Fat 22g of which saturates 14g, Carbohydrate 42g of which sugars 23g, Fibre 6g, Protein 5g, Salt 0.4g.

Ingredients: Golden Flax Seed (18%), Coconut oil (15%), Gluten Free Oats (14%), Dark Brown Sugar, Dates (12%), Buckwheat Flour (7%), Grape Juice Concentrate, Chicory Syrup, Rapeseed Oil, Pink Himalayan Salt (0.5%). Allergens in bold.
Nutrition per 80g: Energy 1482KJ/353kcaL, Fat 19g of which saturates 12g, Carbohydrate 44g of which sugars 27g, Fibre 6g, Protein 5g, Salt 0.4g.

Sports Jelly
Two years in the making and tested in extreme races across the world our hydrogel based Mountain Fuel Sport Jelly is a easy on the stomach,  tasty and a refreshing alternative to the current marketed sports gels.  Our unique blend of ingredients ensure that you can rely on our Sports Jelly as part of a successful performance nutrition strategy during all activities, including team games,  running, triathlons, and cycling sportive events, as well as open water swimming.

The Sports Jelly is fundamentally different to a gel and a refreshing alternative.We selected a specific pectin which enables us to encapsulate the multi source carbohydrate in a natural gel, melting in your mouth and through your system, providing a sustained energy release. The process we follow enables us to hydrate the jelly while encapsulating the carbohydrate and minerals to ensure you do not require additional fluid and the Jelly passes through your system efficiently making it very easy on the stomach – No gut bombs and perfect for sporty kids through to adults.

Sports Jelly Ingredients
Water, Maltodextrin, Glucose, Apple Juice Concentrate, Gelling agent (pectin), Acidifying agent (citric acid), Natural flavour, Tripotassium citrate, Sea Salt, Trisodium citrate, Preservative (Potassium sorbate)

*Cola flavour also contains natural caffeine.

Nutrition per 60g:
Energy 82kcaL, Fat 0g, Carbohydrate 20g of which sugars 7g, Fibre 6g, Sea Salt 68mg, Potassium 30mg
*Caffeine 30mg

Ingredients for Natural Sport Jelly+
Water, Maltodextrin, Glucose, Stabiliser (Pectin), Acidifying agent (citric acid), Potassium citrate, Sea salt, Lemon extract, Preservative (Potassium sorbate), Caffeine

Nutrition per 100g / 70g
Energy – 170kcals / 119kcals, Carbohydrate – 42.4g /  30g, Of which sugars – 12.9g / 9g, Sodium – 66mg / 46mg, Potassium – 77mg / 54mg, Caffeine – 70mg / 50mg

**On occasion products/flavours sell out due to their popularity and when this happens we will include a substitution depending on available stock from the rest of the range.**

If you’re unsure as to how to use Mountain Fuel for your next event have a look at our Nutrition Guides for everything from 10k to Ultra to Ironman distance triathlon.

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Weight .45 kg

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  1. phil tickner

    One that works!

    phil tickner (verified owner)

    No nonsense, does what it says. Used these for the first time during 2021 Lakeland 100. Easy to get down, keep down and provides a very good energy supplement.

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  2. Si Spence

    Jelly is a revolution in sports nutrition

    Si Spence (verified owner)

    I love all MF products, yet the jelly shots are one of their best; easy to consume & digest…they taste great, and they work! What more does an athlete need from sports nutrition. The ‘Date’ bar…is also a personal favourite! Keep up the excellent work.

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  3. Simon Powner

    Great for long bike rides

    Simon Powner (verified owner)

    Perfect for long bike miles. Great taste and no tumult problems.

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  4. Alex Pulis

    Recommended to try the range

    Alex Pulis (verified owner)

    The flapjacks are very tasty and surprisingly easy to eat on the run. They hold their shape in the packet but melt in your mouth and are easily swallowed. They don’t taste heavy or buttery like most flapjacks.

    These gels are great too. They don’t taste artificial. They have a natural taste and each one is distinctive enough that you are unlikely to get flavour fatigue. The jelly is a nice consistency and easily swallowed.

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  5. deanmurley@hotmail.com

    Great tasting, easy on the stomach and long-lasting fuel


    I bought this combination pack as I was interested in the hydrogel as other gels don’t sit well in my stomach. I ate the ginger bar (really delicious) before a 20-mile run and took two sports jelly packs with me – the caffeine one and the orange one. Suffice to say that I had no stomach issues and the fuel kept me going. It was one of my easiest long runs of the winter.

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