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*Due to a Covid issue at our Lakeland bakery our latest bake has been delayed and won’t take place until at least the 28th January. Currently Double Ginger and Date bars are out of stock, please add a note to your order if you require your order to be sent in part and the bars to follow or are happy to wait for the full order.*

Our Mountain Fuel Taster pack contains our entire product range so you can test out the system in full.

It’s powered numerous athletes to their best performances whilst remaining extremely light on the stomach.

**Images exclude the new Ultra Chia Gels

Customer reviews from the world’s best: “Training haven’t been the only factor I improved this year but also the hydration and fueling during races and projects… I have been also trying different gels to until find the ones that gives me energy and not any stomach problem ( that is different for every person but I found @mountainfuel_uk  good for me ). A tip to be sure we leave no trace and we don’t need to use our hands to open the gel is to merge the gels with water into a soft flask home and just drink from it during our race or activity.” Kilian Jornet – World Champion Sky, Ultra and Trail Runner

“I love Mountain Fuel, particularly when I use the whole system on race days. The Sports Jellies are best gels I’ve ever used and the flapjack bars are so much easier to eat on the run than other bars I’ve used.” Jon Albon, World Trail Running Champion

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Product ingredients and nutritional breakdown can be found here

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– Contains complete Mountain Fuel seven product system.
– Easy on Stomach.
– Proven to improve performance and recovery.
– Tastes Great.
– Can be used either individually or as part of the full Mountain Fuel system.
– Provides a saving of up to £4.95.
– Suitable for vegetarians.
– Used by type 1 diabetics, IBD sufferers and coeliacs.
– Batch tested products available for professional/tested athletes.

7 sachets: 1 x *Night Fuel Chocolate (35g), 1 x *Morning Fuel Energy Breakfast Meal (50g), 1 x Xtreme Raw Energy Fuel  (50g), 1 x Xtreme Energy Fuel Tropical (50g), 1 x Xtreme Energy Fuel Blackcurrant (50g), 1 x *Ultimate Recovery Fuel Chocolate (50g) and 1 x *Ultimate Recovery Fuel Strawberry (50g)

3 Sports Jellies: 1 x Orange (60g), 1 Lemon & Lime (60g), 1 x Cola (60g)

2 Ultra Chia gels: 1 x Apple & Cinnamon (60g), 1 x Raspberry (60g)

3 Feel Good Bars: 1 x Orange & Turmeric (80g), 1 x Date (80g), 1 x Double Ginger (80g)

*There is the option to purchase a Vegan Taster pack and this excludes Night Fuel, Morning Fuel and Recovery Fuel as they contain whey protein. We are working on a Vegan Recovery fuel.

Product ingredients and nutritional breakdown can be found here

Thought about buying in bulk with more great value savings? Have a look at our Value Bulk Pouches (30 servings) with savings of £12.50 per pack.

Read our Sports Nutrition plans to make the most of your next race

All the ingredients in Mountain Fuel are ‘food’ based and do not feature on the WADA list of banned substances.


Additional information

Weight 560 kg
Taster Pack

Complete Taster Pack, Vegan Taster Pack, Plus 500ml Sports Bottle, Plus 500ml Sports Bottle & Shaker, Plus 750ml Sports Bottle, Plus 750ml Sports Bottle & Shaker, Plus 600ml Soft Flask, Plus 600ml Soft Flask & Shaker, Plus 600ml Soft Flask with Straw, Plus 600ml Soft Flask with Straw & Shaker, Plus Pink Buff, Plus Black Buff

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