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Our Mountain Fuel Taster pack contains our entire product range so you can test out the system in full. Powering numerous athletes to their best performances whilst remaining extremely light on the stomach.

Night Fuel, a tasty hot chocolate or shake that preps and replenishes you overnight. Morning Fuel, a powerful mix of powdered gluten free oats, carbohydrate, protein and flax seed that is light on the stomach but heavy with energy. Energy Fuel, best described by our our users as ‘Rocket Fuel’, unlike many other carb/electrolyte drinks this has multi-source carbs, electrolytes, protein, creatine and vitamins that are vital in energy production, muscle repair and immunity. ‘Game changing’ (that’s what our users say) Hydrogel Sports Jelly, Ultra Chia Gels and FeelGoodBars. And to finish it off the best tasting and most effective Recovery Fuel protein shake you will have that is designed for endurance athletes.

**Images exclude the new Ultra Chia Gels & Sports Jelly +

Customer reviews from the world’s best: “Training haven’t been the only factor I improved this year but also the hydration and fueling during races and projects… I have been also trying different gels to until find the ones that gives me energy and not any stomach problem ( that is different for every person but I found @mountainfuel_uk  good for me ). A tip to be sure we leave no trace and we don’t need to use our hands to open the gel is to merge the gels with water into a soft flask home and just drink from it during our race or activity.” Kilian Jornet – World Champion Sky, Ultra and Trail Runner

“I love Mountain Fuel, particularly when I use the whole system on race days. The Sports Jellies are best gels I’ve ever used and the flapjack bars are so much easier to eat on the run than other bars I’ve used.” Jon Albon, World Trail Running Champion

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