Trial Pack


– Contains complete Mountain Fuel four product system.
– Extra sachets of Xtreme Energy Fuel and Ultimate Recovery Fuel for longer sessions.
– Easy on Stomach.
– Proven to improve performance and recovery.
– Tastes Great.
– Can be used either individually or as part of the full Mountain Fuel system.
– Provides a saving of up to £4.49.
– Suitable for vegetarians.
– Used by type 1 diabetics.
– Batch tested products available for professional/tested athletes.

10 sachets: 1 x Night Fuel Chocolate (35g), 1 x Morning Fuel Energy Breakfast Meal (50g), 1 x Xtreme Energy Fuel Tropical (50g), 1 x Xtreme Energy Fuel Blackcurrant (50g), 2 x Xtreme Raw Energy Fuel (50g), 2 x Ultimate Recovery Fuel Chocolate (50g) and 2 x Ultimate Recovery Fuel Strawberry (*Temp out of stock) (50g) plus Bottle/Shaker/Buff/Soft Flask of your choice.

*An extra Night Fuel and Morning Fuel will be added to each order while the Strawberry Recovery Fuel is out of stock.

To complete the system also look at the new Sports Jelly as the perfect training and race day compliment to your fuelling strategy.

Thought about buying in bulk with more great value savings? Have a look at our Value Bulk Pouches (30 servings) with savings of £12.50 per pack.

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How to utilize the Mountain Fuel system

All the ingredients in Mountain Fuel are ‘food’ based and do not feature on the WADA list of banned substances.

Additional information

Weight 560 kg
Taster Pack

Trial Pack: 500ml Sports Bottle, Trial Pack: 500ml Sports Bottle & Shaker, Trial Pack: 750ml Sports Bottle, Trial Pack: 750ml Sports Bottle & Shaker, Trial Pack: 600ml Soft Flask, Trial Pack: 600ml Soft Flask & Shaker, Trial Pack: 600ml Soft Flask with Straw, Trial Pack: 600ml Soft Flask with Straw & Shaker, Trial Pack: Pink Buff, Trial Pack: Black Buff

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