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*We have temporarily sold out of FeelGoodBars, new bake due w/c 15/4/24. Please add a note to your order if you are happy to wait for your order or whether a substitute product is ok. If you would like a substitute please add a note to say whether you would like Jellies or Chia Gels.

Our Mountain Fuel Taster pack contains our entire product range so you can test out the system in full. Powering numerous athletes to their best performances whilst remaining extremely light on the stomach.

Night Fuel, a tasty hot chocolate or shake that preps and replenishes you overnight. Morning Fuel, a powerful mix of powdered gluten free oats, carbohydrate, protein and flax seed that is light on the stomach but heavy with energy. Energy Fuel, best described by our our users as ‘Rocket Fuel’, unlike many other carb/electrolyte drinks this has multi-source carbs, electrolytes, protein, creatine and vitamins that are vital in energy production, muscle repair and immunity. ‘Game changing’ (that’s what our users say) Hydrogel Sports Jelly, Ultra Chia Gels and FeelGoodBars. And to finish it off the best tasting and most effective Recovery Fuel protein shake you will have that is designed for endurance athletes.

*Substitutes will be included where we are out of stock on a particular product

Taster Packs:
  • Complete Taster Pack Save £5.20
  • Vegan Taster Pack Save £3.70
  • Plus 500ml Sports Bottle Save £6.20
  • Plus 500ml Sports Bottle & Shaker Save £7.20
  • Plus 750ml Sports Bottle Save £6.70
  • Plus 750ml Sports Bottle & Shaker Save £7.70
  • Plus 600ml Soft Flask Save £7.20
  • Plus 600ml Soft Flask & Shaker Save £8.20
  • Plus 600ml Soft Flask with Straw Save £7.20
  • Plus 600ml Soft Flask with Straw & Shaker Save £8.20
  • Plus Pink Buff Save £16.20
  • Plus Black Buff Save £6.20
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“I use Sports Jelly for my races, they are a great product... soft flavour and the consistency is great, even without water and it doesn’t feel like a paste in the mouth.”

Kilian Jornet, World Champion Endurance Runner Jan 2020

“I love Mountain Fuel, particularly when I use the whole system on race days. The Sports Jellies are the best gels I’ve ever used and the flapjack bars are so much easier to eat on the run than other bars I’ve used.”

Jon Albon, World Trail Running Champion / Obstacle Race World Champion

Product Description

7 sachets: 1 x *Night Fuel Chocolate (35g), 1 x *Morning Fuel Energy Breakfast Meal (50g), 1 x Xtreme Raw Energy Fuel (50g), 1 x Xtreme Energy Fuel Tropical (50g), 1 x Xtreme Energy Fuel Blackcurrant (50g), 1 x *Ultimate Recovery Fuel Chocolate (50g) and 1 x *Ultimate Recovery Fuel Strawberry (50g)

5 Sports Jellies: 1 x Orange (60g), 1 Lemon & Lime (60g), 1 x Cola (60g), 1 x Natural Sports Jelly + (70g) and 1 x Natural Sports Jelly + with caffeine (70g)

3 Ultra Chia gels: 1 x Apple & Cinnamon (60g), 1 x Raspberry (60g), 1 x Mango (60g)

3 Feel Good Bars: 1 x Orange & Turmeric (60g), 1 x Date & Turmeric (60g), 1 x Double Ginger (60g)

*There is the option to purchase a Vegan Taster pack and this excludes Night Fuel, Morning Fuel and Recovery Fuel as they contain whey protein. We are working on a Vegan Recovery fuel.

Substitutes will be included where we are out of stock on a particular product

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Andrew Morley · 3 days ago ·

I’ve been using these gels for a while now and wouldn’t be training/racing without them. They give you the kick you need and keep you motoring on when things get a bit tough.

Simon Everard · 1 week ago ·

The flavour of this is amazing. Great flavour, easy on the stomach and delivers the energy I need in long runs.

Claire Newman · 1 week ago ·

Love this gel, the consistancy is perfect, some gels are too watery and some are too thick, this one is just right. Great flavour too and i digest them really well. I can even have them later on long events when pretty much the idea of taking in anything if awful, I still mange these!

Louise Fraser · 2 weeks ago ·

I use this on my long training runs and on race day for that 2nd breakfast to give me extra fuel. I tend to mix up with milk and drink in the car on my way to the start. Tastes great, easy to digest and provides a great source of fuel ahead of that big run

Louise Fraser · 2 weeks ago ·

I love MF jellies, I use them on all my long runs and races. They are easy to digest, have a great texture and taste amazing. Wouldn't use anything else

Helena Smith · 2 weeks ago ·

Taste amazing and easily digestable. These are the only jels I have found that agree with my stomach on long runs and can highly recommend

Rich B · 3 weeks ago ·

I use this during ultras either in drop bags or with road support and find it to be really good at helping keep energy levels balanced and to replace lost fluids. I find protein bars can be hard to digest so having it in liquid form is v helpful. I think It tastes more like chocolate milk than an energy drink, doesn't taste too artificial and dissolves quickly in a sports drink bottle.

Jordan Lawrence · 3 weeks ago ·

UltraChia apple and cinnamon taste great and very easy on the stomach as I struggle to use other gels, nice texture and all round performance!

Emma Davies · 4 weeks ago ·

I’m a huge fan of the lemon and lime sports jellies. They have a completely different texture to other gels I’ve tried (not gloopy or sticky) and I’ve never had any stomach problems using them. They also don’t give you a sudden sugar rush but instead deliver you a more steady energy boost. Would highly recommend.

Lee · 4 weeks ago ·

Having experimented with many gels over the years I can confidently say these have been the best for me. They get the job done, with no issues. I prefer a plain flavour, and find I don't get sick of having them after 4 or 5 on a long run (18+ mile). They also allow me to carry less fluids! Highly recommended.

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