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10 sachets: 1 x Night Fuel Chocolate (35g), 1 x Morning Fuel Energy Breakfast Meal (50g), 2 x Xtreme Energy Fuel Tropical (50g), 2 x Xtreme Energy Fuel Blackcurrant (50g), 2 x Xtreme Raw Energy Fuel (50g), 1 x Ultimate Recovery Fuel Chocolate (50g) and 1 x Ultimate Recovery Fuel Strawberry (50g)

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  • Plus 500ml Sports Bottle & Shaker Save £3.60
  • Plus 750ml Sports Bottle Save £2.00
  • Plus 750ml Sports Bottle & Shaker Save £3.50
  • Plus 600ml Soft Flask Save £4.50
  • Plus 600ml Soft Flask & Shaker Save £7.50
  • Plus 600ml Soft Flask with Straw
  • Plus Pink Buff Save £12.50
  • Plus Black Buff Save £1.50
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“I use Sports Jelly for my races, they are a great product... soft flavour and the consistency is great, even without water and it doesn’t feel like a paste in the mouth.”

Kilian Jornet, World Champion Endurance Runner Jan 2020

“I love Mountain Fuel, particularly when I use the whole system on race days. The Sports Jellies are the best gels I’ve ever used and the flapjack bars are so much easier to eat on the run than other bars I’ve used.”

Jon Albon, World Trail Running Champion / Obstacle Race World Champion

Product Description

To complete the system also look at the new Sports Jelly and FeelGoodBar packs as the perfect training and race day compliment to your fuelling strategy.

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Pete R · 1 week ago ·

This is my absolute go-to for fluid based fuelling and hydration. No worries about gut problems, no flavour overload just well-balanced, effective fuelling. As a latecomer to endurance sport, the learning curve has been made easier with Mountain Fuel as a no-brainer.

Louise Fraser · 1 month ago ·

I use this on my long training runs and on race day for that 2nd breakfast to give me extra fuel. I tend to mix up with milk and drink in the car on my way to the start. Tastes great, easy to digest and provides a great source of fuel ahead of that big run

Rich B · 2 months ago ·

I use this during ultras either in drop bags or with road support and find it to be really good at helping keep energy levels balanced and to replace lost fluids. I find protein bars can be hard to digest so having it in liquid form is v helpful. I think It tastes more like chocolate milk than an energy drink, doesn't taste too artificial and dissolves quickly in a sports drink bottle.

John Forester · 2 months ago ·

I use this after big gym workouts as a pudding after dinner. Sweet enough to feel like a treat but not so sweet you wouldn't want it on an ultra. I take a few in my pack for longer events and mix them at aid stations. Extreme Energy early in events, Recovery sachets and Jellies later on.

John Forester · 2 months ago ·

I love this product. Provides a massive dose of energy in a ridiculously tasty package. I use this before big gym workouts, long runs and Tris - it's reliably given me a second, third and forth wind on numerous occasions.

Jeremy P · 2 months ago ·

I have enjoyed using morning fuel as my go to pre long run fueling as part of my marathon training. Tastes great and is easy on digestion. Will definitely be using this on Southampton Marathon day on 7th April.

Jonathan Hill · 3 months ago ·

This is brilliant, just that hint of a flavour which is so much better than many other brands overly sickly sweet drinks which means it is my go to on ultras, never fails to go down easily and helps keep fuelled when solid foods may not settle when many hours into an event. Great stuff. MF contact and service is always spot on.

Alice Kershaw · 3 months ago ·

Night Fuel is my go to before any ultra or long distance event or adventure, tastes like a luxury hot chocolate and gives me an energy boost without feeling over full. Also helps me sleep.

Roger Love · 3 months ago ·

Tasty and nutritious - perfect for pre-training or race fuelling or even camping!

Mary Meyer · 3 months ago ·

I’ve tried all the flavours, love them all! I always go back to the raw energy fuel. A really subtle taste that’s not too sweet and sickly, and keeps me fuelled on longer runs alongside gels and other “real” food.

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