FeelGoodBar & Ultra Chia Gel Pack

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For those looking for a ‘food’ based energy option then look no further than this powerful combination, utilising nutritious ingredients to deliver a prolonged and powerful energy release.

Ultra Chia Gel

The ultra chia gel provides a delicious food based gel that is easy to eat and light on the stomach. The paste like texture is easy to eat and absorb in the stomach. And to top it off it’s vegan and gluten free and perfect for stabilising blood sugars if you are an active type 1 diabetic.

  • Easy to eat on the go
  • Light and easy on the stomach
  • Sustained Energy
  • Replenishes minerals (Electrolytes)
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free


This is not your usual bar or flapjack, this bar you can actually eat on the go, it’s light but energy dense and very easy on the stomach and delivers hours of energy. These are what that elite racers actually buy to train and race with. No fancy claims, just proven results.

  • Easy on the stomach
  • Replenishes minerals Electrolytes
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Easy to eat on the go
  • Sustained Energy
  • Aids Fat Metabolism
  • Aids recovery and soft tissue repair
  • Can help to reduce inflammation
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“I use Sports Jelly for my races, they are a great product... soft flavour and the consistency is great, even without water and it doesn’t feel like a paste in the mouth.”

Kilian Jornet, World Champion Endurance Runner Jan 2020

“I love Mountain Fuel, particularly when I use the whole system on race days. The Sports Jellies are the best gels I’ve ever used and the flapjack bars are so much easier to eat on the run than other bars I’ve used.”

Jon Albon, World Trail Running Champion / Obstacle Race World Champion

Product Description

Ultra Chia Gel

Chia seeds provide athletes with a healthy fuel for stamina and endurance, as well as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Coconut sugar and fruit juice deliver multi-transportable carbohydrates, maximizing energy provision. And the natural electrolytes sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium are delivered through sea salt. Cinnamon improves glucose sensitivity and also helps combat exercise induced oxidative stress. This powerful combination of ingredients ensures you have a reliable and dependable energy source to fuel your activities, whatever the intensity.


With the gluten free and vegan Mountain Fuel FeelGoodBars, we’ve put together a perfect blend of 100% natural ingredients to produce a bar that is easy on the stomach; the ‘Go-To Energy Bar For Every Endurance Athlete’. You can ‘EAT’ this bar on the go… how may bars have you tried to eat on the go and simply can’t get them down?! Typically, flapjacks and bars contain butter or golden syrup as a base… we don’t as these ingredients aren’t the healthiest nor do they make for easy eating on the go as they clag up in your mouth. We use a premium blend of functional, not ‘faddy’ ingredients that deliver results.

Each bar contains a blend of ingredients that complement one another and also include a blend of simple and complex carbohydrate, omega 3 essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, micronutrients, vitamins, and complete protein.

You need more than just energy from your foods, during exercise you need to consume foods that are easily absorbed in the stomach, can replenish your muscles, aid digestion, reduce inflammation and spare your carbohydrate by aiding fat oxidation meaning that you can go harder for longer.

Nutritional Information


Simon Everard · 1 week ago ·

The flavour of this is amazing. Great flavour, easy on the stomach and delivers the energy I need in long runs.

Jordan Lawrence · 3 weeks ago ·

UltraChia apple and cinnamon taste great and very easy on the stomach as I struggle to use other gels, nice texture and all round performance!

Laura · 1 month ago ·

My sensitive stomach tends to be my downfall on long events (or, at least, it makes everything harder!) but I'm really enjoying these bars. They have a great carb profile, natural ingredients, and I'm loving the sweet and salty and slightly earthy flavour. Will definitely be packing some of these for my ultras this year.

Simone · 1 month ago ·

I'm currently training for Manchester Marathon and I don't think I could have made it through my long training runs without mountain fuel jellies and flapjacks, The jellies are great for taking on the move without the usual sticky hands you get from gel spillages and the Flapjack just melts in your mouth and great flavours too. I'm on my 3rd order and will definitely be getting more.

Lucy B · 1 month ago ·

Only one word for these., Delicious!
Easy to digest, perfect texture and consistency in the mouth and easy to eat. The double ginger is amazing and looking forward to trying the date version to fuel future bikes/runs

Lucy B · 1 month ago ·

Tested out the raspberry chia gel on a long run ready to fuel my first ultra in June and absolutely loved them so I’ve ordered more :) I have issues with a sensitive digestive system and had no issues with these gels and they taste delicious 😋

Hannah Stirling · 2 months ago ·

I love these bars. They’re not only incredibly tasty but they do the job too. They’re easy to eat regardless of the weather and the temperature they get in your pack, and keep you going, from a pre-run snack to a full day on the fells. And to top it off, they’re made from real ingredients and no nasties. Highly recommend!

Eric Mytton · 2 months ago ·

I'm a relatively new user of the chia gels, but the texture difference of the chia is the best I've experienced for the sensitive stomachs in later stages of long runs, whilst kicking in pretty quickly and lasting a long period of time (far longer than some isotonic gels on the market). Plus great bonus is they taste great!! Thanks

Sarah Cooper · 2 months ago ·

The date bars are tasty and light on your stomach. Great if you want a change from gels on a long run & also when you finish a good way to keep your levels up & stop me feeling ‘pale’. Highly recommend

Helen Hatcher · 2 months ago ·

I find on a longer trail run I need something a bit more solid than just gels so I tried the ginger flapjack and was blown away by it. I worried it would feel too solid and heavy on the stomach but it’s softer than it feels-great texture and the ginger is great too and ginger is good for settling the stomach which can be an issue on long runs. Have just bought more and will try the other flavours too. Big thumbs up from me

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