Many of us  run, ride, swim, climb, in fact we pretty much do anything that gives us an excuse to play outside... we also like to do it day after day and whether we are a back of the pack plodder to an elite racer the principles behind what fuels us to enjoy these activities is pretty consistent.

Mountain Fuel are as passionate as you about these activities, but we also get a great deal of pleasure form helping and hearing how our Mountain Fuellers have personally improved and performed.

While Sports Nutrition can be a complex business, with so much information out there we've tried to keep the guides as straight forward as possible. Yes there is some scientific language but this is linked to straightforward descriptions and also real life experiences of our Mountain Fuellers. We've also included food guides into some of the posts and links to our tried and tested 'on the go' energy snacks.

The basics:

  • Read our introduction article to Performance Sports Nutrition
  • Eating a well-balanced diet is vital for good all-round health and well-being
  • The foods which we consume provide essential:
    • Macronutrients (carbohydratesproteins, and fats)
    • Micronutrients (vitamins & minerals)
    • All are essential for such things as energy provisionamino acids for building and repairing muscles, essential fats, and vitamins & minerals to help us grow and function properly

Nutrition Guides

Performance Guides

Morning Fuel Power Pancakes

Visit our sports nutrition recipes section for fantastic on the go snacks to keep you fuelled throughout your activities.