StakMountainFuel #MTB update March

So at the start of the month we had our first race in the North West MTB series, this was at Farmer Johns and me and Will competed in it. Out of a surprisingly very fast field of 35, Will managed a solid 14th whilst I got 7th, solid results by any standards but we both felt that we can build on these alot. Most of the time when not on the bikes at this race we were talking about the new team that we had created and how each sponsor had something unique about themselves.

The team then had a team day together riding at foot on Snowdon at a place called Antur Stiniog, its a very rough place and is very physical, we all took a lot of recovery fuel which helped us withstand the journey back. All in all it was a very good day as a whole team, meaning we had chances to ride in what we call ‘trains’ where we follow each other really close and it ends up being a lot of fun.

Shovel Chain GuidesAround mid March we had a very exciting package from Croatia which was our first batch of Shovel chainguides, we unpacked them and loved the build quality, simplicity and style that they offered. Fitting was smooth and simple, and I’m sure you can agree it looks amazing on the bike too! On this picture you can also see how nice the all mountain style cheetah print looks. Certainly is an eye catching steed now!

StakMountainFuelJust shortly after the chainguides arrived it was time to test them, what was better for this than a race? It was me and Alistair who would be racing at Pearce cycles’ popular venue, Bringewood. After setting up camp via breaking our tent (doh) we took to the track, practice went smoothly and then after a cold sleep we raced, Alistair managed to get 50th/82 which he was unhappy about, but for his first time at the venue wasn’t bad at all. I got 10th which I am still pleased with but I need to break into the top 5.

StakMountainFuelThen the next week we received the hotly anticipated package that contained the jerseys, we opened them up and were blown away by how good they looked, so the next day we went out to get some photos.