Successful weekend for Team Mountain Fuel at Keswick Mountain Festival

What a fantastic weekend for #TeamMountainFuel #TrailRunners at Keswick Mountain Festival with new course records in the 50k, 25k, 10k and 5k…

50k – Donald Campbell 1st (New CR), Jacob Snochowski 2nd, Damian Carr 4th and Tracy Dean 3rd lady and Emma Humphries 5th vet running with broken ribs 🙂

25k – Eóin Lennon 1st (New CR) & a great run by Lee Newton 8th after a few days in Chamonix with 54 miles and 17,000ft of ascent!

10k – Mark Lamb 1st, Rachael Campbell 1st (New CR) Rupert Bonington Joint 1st Vet and 4th overall.

5k – James Appleton 1st (New CR)

Course design and organisation by the Mountain Run Team

Donald Campbell - MF athlete

Team Mountain Fuel’s Donald Campbell 1st (New CR)

Eoin Lennon - MF athlete

Team Mountain Fuel’s Eóin Lennon 1st (New CR)

Mark Lamb - Mf athlete

Team Mountain Fuel’s Mark Lamb, 1st

James Appleton - MF athlete

Team Mountain Fuel’s James Appleton 1st (New CR)

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