The Best of British and You can Help Save the World

Important Notice to competitors please read: Right folks, you’re coming up north, to the Lake District to run around one of the most beautiful, stunning and challenging destinations in the UK so don’t mess it up. It’s going to be tough, very tough but you can enjoy the journey far more so if you get some basics right. Kit choice is important and you’ll have invested heavily into your shoe choice, packs, jackets, shorts, socks. The weather here in the Lakes can literally change in an instant, the 2018 Lakeland saw three seasons in a matter of hours, from heat exhaustion to hypothermia so while light weight kit is useful, you do need to make sure it will stand up to horizontal sleet/rain in a 50 mph wind. If you’re unsure get in touch with the Endurance Store (part of the Lakeland set up so they do know what they’re talking about). Nutrition, now this is our bit, the bit that to be honest amazes me every year and no disrespect to some who post comments on FB regarding food choices, can see me staring in disbelief at the advice and suggestions that are banded about. You’ve invested a lot of money into this event, entry fee, kit, training hours, travel etc but the thing that often leads to a DNF is poor nutrition or a poor nutrition strategy. First and foremost this is an event with aid stations, there is a list of foods available, hot and cold and the aid stations are regular, there are 14 of them on the 100 and 6 on the 50. What I’m saying to you is, think about it, what you pack in your bag adds weight and weight slows you down. Save as much of your weight for quality kit and be realistic about how much you will eat and drink between each aid station. What is the  point in carrying a bucket load of food for 24 to 40 hours if you’re not going to eat it? The reality is after a certain number of hours you will struggle to face solids, certain liquids, however well you’ve got on with these in training. I’m a northerner so please forgive me if I am too direct but I do believe in telling it as it is. We are the best of British, bear with me but ultimately I’m going to suggest you stop buying products shipped in from the States, for example like Tailwind and GU and support what’s been tested, developed and manufactured on these shores. Let’s put aside the huge carbon footprint, helping Trump build his wall and not supporting British local business, well actually no, they’re pretty big reasons but the main one is if used correctly the Mountain Fuel system and in particular the new innovative products we’ve launched (Raw Energy, Sports Jelly and FeelGoodBars which coincidently are all vegan and gluten free) will help you get round and you’ll feel a whole load better in the days after too (and there is a link to bloody useful tried and tested nutrition guide at the end). Sports Jelly Taster pack Let’s look at some basics over the past few months from our paying customers. From FKT’s to podiums in the Cape Wrath FKT (Damian Hall & Beth Pascal), Hardmoors 50 (Jacob Snochowski), British 100K Championships (Charlie Harpur), Fellsman (Sabrina Verjee), Dragons Back (Lisa Watson & Sabrina Verjee), Hardmoors 200 (Christopher Cowley), Hardmoors 110 (Ross Cooling & Heather Ford), World Elevation Record (Kilian Jornet) and Zegama (Kilian Jornet). In addition amongst these races are a plethora of folk who have achieved fantastic personal results too. Listen, we’re not saying what you are using at the moment is not working for you, what we’re saying is the MF system or selected products from the range if used correctly, (read the guide) as we can’t account for other ‘stuff’ you shove down your neck in an Ultra) can work a whole load better. Read the Ultra Marathon Nutrition plan and get yourself a taster pack of powders, jelly and bars (15% discount code: laklelandlegends ) and not only will you be helping to save the environment but you’ll also be helping to support British business (come on surely we’ve twanged your conscious and heart strings with those two) enabling us to keep producing innovative nutrition products that keep Britain moving… Now that’s far too long spent at the keyboard, time for a run. Rupert Bonington Mountain Fuel PS/ Cumbrian Border Controls will be in place between 28th & 31st July and all imported contraband will be impounded.