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Neil Sanders ran the Keilder Marathon this weekend.
After the event Neil said;
“Thank you so much for your help and products, they worked a treat and I was so impressed.
Honestly I had asked loads of people for help but no one could, honestly you have been amazing, the system works, I was 24st 7lb 15 months ago, I started running in April this year, I had a gastric sleeve so I don’t eat very much at all. I have a professional nutritionist and they couldn’t help me fuel this run and had no idea.
You really came through for me and the Mountain Fuel nutrition plan was spot on. I followed to the letter 👌👌
Mark Emmerson won the Great Cumbrian 1/2 Marathon. He used Mountain Fuel Night Fuel the evening before, an energy fuel before the race, one orange sports jelly during and recovery fuel post race.

Sarah Sawyer ran the London Marathon in a Champs qualifying time of 3:13:57.

Ian Waude was Septembers review winner. He gets a £20 MF voucher for his review:

“I really like the date flapjacks. They’re easy to eat, not at all dry. I like to halve them and often use in combination with MF gels.”