Will you take the 24-hour Everest Ice Wall Challenge?

Will you take the 24-hour Everest Ice Wall Challenge and help an ‘expedition’ team led by Sir Chris Bonington and Doug Scott CBE to climb the height of Everest (8,848m) at King Kong’s indoor ice wall on 12th June?

ClimbforCANThe team is attempting to climb King Kong’s ice wall over 1,000 times within 24 hours whilst fund raising for Community Action Nepal (CAN) – the charity founded by Everest mountaineer Doug Scott CBE which is already helping Nepal.

Rupert Bonington, local business owner of Mountain Fuel and organiser of the challenge explained that it is important not to assume that Keswick is full of climbers and there will be no difficulty in getting people to register for the climb. Climbers of all abilities are needed and the people of Nepal are desperate for food, water and shelter and it is only by supporting events like ClimbforCAN that resources will get to the people who most need them.

To show how achievable this challenge is to anyone, business woman Deb Johnson of Special Expressions and member of the Keswick Tourism Association (KTA), David Nightingale, volunteer with the Community Action Nepal (CAN) charity, and Keswick Reminder reporter Jonathan Denny – all novices – were the ‘lucky’ guinea pigs who took on the ice wall challenge.

Rupert Bonington said: “With very little time to demonstrate and instruct it was fantastic to see how well the three novices tackled the ice wall. It was tough for them, as they hadn’t any ice-climbing experience before, and we wanted to see how they would cope. First and foremost each of them had a fantastic time and finished with big smiles and that to us is an important part of the challenge. It really doesn’t matter if people get half way, all the way or climb up and down like a yoyo,  this is a fantastic opportunity to try something new and possibly out of your comfort zone and all for a very worthy cause.”

After climbing the ice wall, Debbie said. “I’ve never done anything ‘out of the box’ before – never even climbed a mountain – and always thought the ice wall was just for professionals. But I was totally exhilarated by the experience and I can’t actually wait to do it again! I felt comfortable and confident in the safe hands of King Kong Climbing Centre staff.”

Reminder reporter Jonathan Denny said: “That was really tough but it definitely was very eye-opening. The guys here at King Kong make it look so easy but when you get on the wall you find out that it is not. The challenge later this month is very important and I would encourage anybody to take part, whether you have experience or not.”

David Nightingale said: “That was great and I really enjoyed the climb and it gave me a real taste of what it would be like on the north face of Everest!”

Rupert said ‘We do need people, people of all abilities and equally important people from outside the Keswick catchment area – Nepal has been ravaged by the earthquake with over 1.7 million children being affected, over 495,000 homes have been destroyed and 267,00 damaged. We are approaching Monsoon season with families, if they’re lucky living under tarpaulins and in the more mountainous areas snow has been falling. The people of Nepal are desperate – food, water and shelters for many in remote areas are not available and it is only by supporting events like ClimbforCAN that we can ensure that these resources get to the people on the ground, those in most need. This is a fantastically fun and challenging event and you can sign up at www.climbforcan.org – please don’t just presume someone else will take your place.

The Fundraising is achieved by a donation, which ranges from £35 to £500 if you want to climb with Sir Chris and Doug when signing up – but you can get sponsored by family and friends and raise more money if you wish on the www.justgiving.com/climbforCAN.

Participants will have the opportunity to make a bid for the Berghaus clothing that they will wear for the challenge with all proceeds going to the ClimbforCAN campaign. Not only will you have a unique experience of being part of an fund raising challenge with mountaineering legends like Sir Chris, Doug and the latest famous faces like Leo Houlding but you could buy your outfit and always be reminded of the amazing venture you took part in while helping to raise thousands for Nepal and it’s people.’

On the night before the challenge, a few lucky climbers will have the opportunity to experience sleeping on a portaledge, high up on the ice-wall in sub-zero temperatures. Mountain rations and hot beefy drinks will be supplied and the climbers will then join Sir Chris and Doug on the first leg of the climb.

The ice wall sleep over will take place on the 11th June with the challenge starting at mid day on 12th to 13th June and places are available at www.climbforcan.org and for more information visit www.justgiving.com/climbforCAN