World class results and records keep tumbling

Mountain Fuel really is the best of British sports nutrition, in 2019 we’ve seen;

Charlie Harpur donning his England vest and winning the 100k Anglo Celtic Plate

Kilian Jornet breaking the 24 hour elevation record completing 78,274ft over the 24 hours

Mark Lamb 1st English Fell Championships, Stretton Hills

Mark Lamb 2nd English Fell Championships, Stretton Hills

Mark Lamb 1st British Fell Championships, The Mourne Highline

Brennan Townshend 1st & Ricky Lightfoot 2nd, 3 Peaks

Victoria Wilkinson 1st English Fell Championships,  Howgills

Mark Lamb 3rd English Fell Championships,  Howgills

Rob Sinclair 1st, Pinnacle Ridge Sky Race

Kilian Jornet winning Zegema with GB’s Vic Wilkinson making her debut in the Salomon Golden Trail series and finishing in 8th

In the Trail World Championships we saw our men secure a Team GB Silver medal with Jon Albon, Carl Bell & Ricky Lightfoot.  Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn (5th team) and Henriette Albon who races for Norway  with a fantastic performance in her debut finishing in the top 50

Brennan Townshend 2nd English Fell Champs, Great Lakes

Nichola Jackson 2nd English Fell Champs, Great Lakes

At the multi day Dragons Back race across Wales a 5-day journey, 315 kilometres long with 15,500 metres of ascent we saw Lisa Watson 1st lady and Sabrina Verjee 2nd in a tightly fought battle

After a 10 year wait Damian Hall has set a new Paddy Buckley round record. 47 peaks, 61 miles and 28,000ft ascent in 17:31. 11 minutes quicker than the previous record

Sabrina Verjee wins outright the Spine Race Fusion a 268 mile non stop race across the Pennie Way

Nichola Jackson 2nd English Fell Champs, Black Fell

Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn finishes 7th in the SkyRunning World Series, Mount Olympus in Greece

Charlie Harpur paces the final 38 miles of Tom Evans 3rd place in the Western States 100 

Beth Pascal 4th Western States 100 miles 18,000 ft ascent & 23,000 ft descent

Jacob Adkin 1st & Team Gold in the European Mountain Running Championships, Zermatt

Brennan Townshend 1st & Mark lamb 3rd English Fell Champs, Grisedale Horsehoe

Rob Sinclair 1st, Aaran Ultra Skyrace

Sarah McCormack wins, for the third year in a row the Snowdon International Mountain Race representing Team Ireland. Joe Baxter makes his debut, finishing 8th and team Silver.

Chris Holdsworth 4th Snowdonia Trail Marathon (Team GB qualifier), Lancashire fell champion and tour of Pendle champion for a 3rd year running.

Damian Hall finishes achieves a fantastic 7th (2nd v40) in the Eiger Ultra Trail only weeks after his Paddy Buckley Round record

Kilian Jornet 1st and new CR at Sierra Zinal, Golden Trail Series

Kilian Jornet 1st Pikes Peak, Golden Trail Series

Beth Pascal 5th UTMB

Julie Briscoe Team GB Silver World Championships 50k

Mark Lamb 1st English Fell Championships,  Ilam Park

Damian Gielty wins the UK Sky Running series with 1st Snowdon Skyline, 1st Scafell Skyrace & 1st 7 Sisters Skyline

Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn 3rd overall & 1st Lady Ben Nevis Ultra (Glencoe Skyline)

Brennan Towhshend 1st, Rob Sinclair 2nd, Mourne Skyline UK Sky Race

Paul Tierney completed what is arguably the toughest continuous mountain run in the world, in fact possible the toughest run in the world, period. Completing all the Wainwrights in the English Lake District,  214 fells (peaks), 318 miles with 36,000m of ascent in a new record time of 6 days, 6 hours and 5 minutes. 7 Hours faster than the previous record. Paul was running in memory of friend and fellow athlete who lost his fight with mental health. If you are able you too can donate to MIND  

Sarah McCormack wins the World Mountain Running Cup championship

Ricky Lightfoot wins and breaks the 50 mile Lakes In A Day record

Chris Holdsworth Lancashire fell champion and Tour of Pendle champion for a 3rd year running

Marcis Gubats 3rd, Maxi Race Madeira

Kim Collison sets a new Winter Bob Graham Record 15 hrs 47mins, the previous record was 18hrs 18mins. 42 peaks, 66 miles and 27,000ft ascent

What do all these athletes share in common? Yes, they use Mountain Fuel Sports Nutrition but more importantly they all pay for it, there is no sponsored athlete hand out, free product in return for exposure. They share a common theme, they want to perform at their very best and as such are more than happy to pay for it.

Our Sports Jelly is unique, it’s a British innovation and it can help runners of all abilities (and disciplines) around the country not only perform better but for us, equally important is to feel better during their activity. Goodbye sickly gels, it’s time to look forward to what you eat on the run.

The new FeelGoodBars, again are unlike any of the ‘so called’ sports bars. Come on, have you actually tried eating them on the run or in the heat. During reasonable efforts of exercise the current bars/flapjacks either clag up in your mouth, are impossible to swallow or take so long to chew that you’re more exhausted form chewing than actually the activity you’re attempting to undertake! The FeelGoodBar is a calorific, easy to eat bomb of energy that crumbles and melts in your mouth and is very easy on the stomach. No palm oil, no butter, no syrup and no fad ingredients.

We also have tried and tested Nutrition plans on our website which will help you when it comes to discussing nutrition strategies with customers (Sports Nutrition Plans ). While nutrition is a low value item in your shop, advising on a good nutrition strategy will help ensure a better experience for your customers in their races and as such a feel-good factor about the other pieces of kit you’ve sold them.